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Outdoor Event LED Screen Hire

Our 12m LED Screens are suitable for a wide range of outdoor events. They are a great way of engaging and broadcasting to small and large audiences. Event Equipment Hire offers everything from the simple supply of an Outdoor LED Screen, to full camera production and social engagement. Use selected industry professionals we can also assist in any event specific pre-production material.

Our 12m Screens come as standard with video switching equipment and are able to accept multi-formats of both analog and digital signals. Download our full technical specs for all accepted formats. Where possible we prefer all clients to use a digital sdi signal or hdmi over short distances.

Our rapid and flexible screens can be as versatile as your event needs them to be. For instance in under 10 minutes the screen can be hydraulically lowered and the legs lifted and relocated and set up at another area of your venue. For instance the screen can be sited by the entrance at the start of the event welcoming people. Then located to the heart of the event where we can use live twitter and facebook interactions to engage your audience and mix it between live coverage, then at the end of the event we can relocate to the exit point informing your attendees of the next event or futher encouraging social interaction.